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August –

Abe Matos: A New Perspective on Reaching the Campus. 

Abe Matos is the Global Student Pastor at Church by the Glades in South Florida. Abe served in the U.S. Army for five years before discovering his passion for working with Middle and High School Students. He has been in Student Ministry for 6 years and has had the opportunity to build strong relationships between Public School Systems and his Student Ministries, first in Houston, and now in South Florida. He enjoys the Miami Heat and the Miami Dolphins… and that’s about it.

Abe Matos

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July – Paul Sohn

Topic: “Helping Your Students Find their Calling.”

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June – Russ Fallett

Topic: “Success As A Bi-Vocational Pastor.”

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May 25th – Dustin Woodward

Topic: “Being the Church to an unchurched world”



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April 27th – Nate Yeske

Topic: “Mastering your day.”


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March 30th Chris Estrada

Topic: “How to successfully have tough conversations.”


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February 23rd – Jarrod and Rhi Wells

Topic: “Doing ministry with your spouse.”


Jarrod and Rhi are the Student Directors of Rev, the youth ministry of Faith Church in St. Louis.


January 26th Todd Crews: 

Topic: The Power of Spiritual Covering


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November 17th Doug Everaard

Topic: Dealing with pain, disappointment, and grief


Notes from the call… youth-pastor%c2%b9s-round-table

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October 27th Brian Hill – Brian is a Area Director for Youth For Christ and has a passion to build relationships with school administrators, staff and coaches to provide successful faith-based and purpose driven programs.  Brian will be sharing from his years of experience as a youth pastor, business owner and now a YFC leader

Topic: Unlocking the campuses


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September 29th: Beau Dore –  Beau Dore has been in full time ministry for 11 years. The last 8.5 of those years he spent it growing and developing one of the nations largest leadership colleges/masters commission programs. When he took over the student ministry there were less than 100 students in their mid week service. Since then they have grown to well over 300. Beau Dore says, “success is in the hands of leadership and structure. I don’t know everything but what I do know is people are always motivated by something bigger than themselves”.

Topic: Recruiting and keeping student leaders!


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August 25th: Paul Turner and Ryan Latham – Paul Turner has been involved in youth ministry for over 25 years. He is very passionate about youth mentors and leaders making an impact, because youth leaders made significant impact on him. Currently, he is the Youth Pastor at Pleasant Grove Assembly in Birmingham, AL.

Topic: Preparing for Impact


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July 28th Eran Holt.  Youth Pastor, Speaker, Worship Leader and great friend!  Eran shares about running effective Small Groups.  Learn more about Eran here.

Topic: Creating a small groups culture

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June 30th Levi Carter.  Youth Pastor and author.  You can follow Levi on his blog,

Topic: talking about students who are cutting, struggle with gender issues, and other hot topics.


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Teaching Notes:

MAY 26th: Andre Anderson. Andre has worked with youth in many different environments. He was traveled around the nation doing school assemblies in the public school. He has been a youth pastor. HE does consulting with youth pastors, and has worked with leaders in the business community as well. Andre has a passion for helping youth pastors.

Topic: “Mapping out full year of sermons.”


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APRIL 28:  Jon Brown.  Jon is the youth pastor of H2O student ministry in Kenosha Wisconsin.  He is a Youth Ministry veteran with a wealth of knowledge.  Jon speakers and mentors youth pastors around the nation.

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March 31: Landon Pickering. Landon’s leadership experience was largely attained after serving many years leading one of the largest youth ministries in America, along with overseeing several multisite locations. Landon’s years of leadership within the church has fueled the vision he now has to assist staff and church leaders to reach their full potential.


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February 25: Brandon Cromier.  He is the Director of Desperation Student Ministries, Desperation Conference, and the Desperation Leadership Academy.  YOU do not want to miss this call is one of the nations top ministry leaders!

Topic: Talking about the Holy Spirit to an emotional generation.

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January 28th: Joseph Kellogg.

He is the youth pastor “7 student ministries” at the Oaks, which is located just outside Dallas, Texas.

Topic: Growth  and Vison

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November 19th: Mike Miller.  Mike is a former youth pastor in Canada and is now traveling a speaking.

Topic: Blue Print For Gods Growth


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October 29th: Kevin Moore (Former Youth Pastor at Church on the Move)
Topic: Recruiting Leaders


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September 24th: Banning Liebscher (Director Jesus Culture)
Topic: Campus Clubs


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